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Award winning recipe!

No Doctoring Required!

With Remedy Bloody Mary Mix, you’ll never have to waste time doctoring up your bloody mary before you enjoy it. Simply add ice and vodka (or whatever
alcohol you prefer) and you’re good to go.

From our Fans:

“Best I’ve tasted..I drink my bloodies with beer instead of vodka..also have used this mix in various recipes for dips and chili. I love that it doesn’t need anything added to it to make a great bloody.”
Laura S.

“I just tried this at Woodmans in Janesville today. Awesome!!!! I bought a bottle and went straight home and made a Bloody Mary. PERFECT!!! I had to share on my Facebook page too!”
Michelle W. H.

“Best bloody Mary mix!! So happy we came across it! Planning a road trip to get another case soon!!”
Lauralee B.

“Hands down the best Bloody Mary mix you can buy. I have yet to have a better bloody. It’s thicker than a lot of mixes, but not too chunky. Has the perfect amount of spice. I like it so much I drink it straight a lot of mornings. After meeting the creators and the gal who actually cooks the mix I will definitely continue to support these folks. Great mix, great people. Stop and pick some up and you will not be disappointed.”
Scot M.

“Had this Bloody mix for the first time this weekend at The Dells at Gino’s Pizza. My God so delicious. I’ve never heard of it and I LOVE Bloody Mary’s! Will look for it in FDL where I’m from.”
Susan H. M.